We wouldn't be anything without the talented staff below that make Hexinverter a reality! 




Product Design

product development, r&d, spice simulation, expert litter box spelunker and odor control specialist.



Creative Product Specialist

modular synthesizer specialist and expert patch cable chewer. karl provides valuable feedback on tau's litter spelunking efforts by stress testing her products. being a talented modular artist, karl is also responsible for product demos and other creative projects.

le chat

Sales and Dealer Relations

le chat keeps the lights on around here. she keeps our dealers happy and taken care of. rather than donning a red power-suit, her owl sweater and laid back attitude bring a chill vibe that everyone appreciates. being a purveyor of quality catnip, she is also the unofficial office party planner. 


Assistant Product Engineer

developing products with tau, sweeping floors and defending breadboards from jupiter and his destructive rage.



Unknown Role

nobody really knows what ralph does here. he seems to mainly occupy himself with cuddling the humans and getting high on catnip. he can often be found wandering the office halls, talking to himself loudly.




Business Administrator

jupiter wears a lot of shoes around here. he ties everything together by helping with shipping and receiving, making sure enough product gets written off from damage each year, and other important paper-shredding tasks.