Cyberpunk Series

the cyberpunk series are our unique take on classic modular synthesis building blocks. here you will find filters, vcos and other utilitarian synthesizer functionality, with a hexinverter twist!

The Mutant Drums

analog percussion synthesis loaded with cv inputs and flexible controls - the way modular analog drums were meant to be!

the mutant drums are the result of time spent working with classic drum circuits, and thinking of ways to make them interesting in a contemporary modular synthesizer. while capable of some very classic percussion tones, they offer a whole lot more flexibility than the vintage drum machine circuits many of the synthesis techniques were inspired by. in addition to creative cv functionality, each mutant offers auxiliary uses, such as distortion circuits or external inputs, to make the most use of your rack space, even when not using them to create killer sounding modular drums.

Jupiter Series

the jupiter series is an outer space themed collection of eurorack modules. the series is focused on giving users affordable, powerful tools for experimental sound design.


3d胆码图here you will find past modules that we once produced! these are no longer in active production.