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The Mutant Brain is the central nervous system connecting your modular analog eurorack system to MIDI gear, especially for percussion, polyphonic notes and sync duties! It packs 16 eurorack compatible outputs into a tiny, super affordable 8HP package. 

The 4 CV outputs and 12 Gate/Trig outputs are all universally reconfigurable. Triggers, gates, clock divisions and sync signals, polyphonic keyboard playing, velocity, sequencer transport, LFOs - you name it!

Configuring your patch is easy - just assign each output as you like in the configuration utility, then send the MIDI SysEx file to the module and forget about it - the Mutant Brain remembers it all for you.

We supply a convenient download pack of pre-configured, ready to use Mutant Brain patches for some select sequencing and drum machine devices on the market today, easily turning those sequencers and drum machines into a modular control powerhouse!

Designed with live and studio performance in mind, the Mutant Brain does away with wasted panel space and complex menu-diving interfaces, while freeing you from the limited "auto-learn" type MIDI interface. An auto-learn interface sometimes doesn't play well with the limitless combinations of different gear setups which today's modular performers play live with.


(NOTE: silver panels are no longer available!)

(note: silver panels are no longer available!)


Please refer to the last page of the User Manual (linked up top on this page) for how to update your Mutant Brain’s firmware.

Also, don’t forget to re-load the SysEx patch for your Mutant Brain, after firmware update! If you choose to use a BETA firmware, feel free to let us know if you have any issues with it! Generally they are bug free but feel free to update

Firmware v4.2 - BETA (bug fixes - updated 10.09.2018)


  • Corrected a problem where gates listening to specific MIDI notes might trigger on the wrong note when an active note input shares the same MIDI channel.

  • Corrected a problem skipping MTC and SPP messages which could result in message misinterpretation and random outputs.

Firmware v4.0 - STABLE (stock firmware as of 08.2018)


  • This firmware is the stock firmware currently shipping on the Mutant Brain.