There are no microcontrollers used in this design. It is comprised entirely of CMOS logic and analog opamps, so does not suffer from aliasing or any other issues present in a microcontroller-based design.

This also means you can get all the parts straight from a parts store and not have to program a microcontroller, if you want to source your own parts!



  • Consumes ~15mA @ +15/12/9V
  • Does not need a negative supply rail


  • PCB mount step controls make the design easy to assemble
  • Economical design can be built much cheaper than commercial solutions


  • Tempo control
  • Selectable sequence length (1-8)
  • Simultaneous 5V and ~10V CV and Gate outputs. This means you can use sympleSEQ for pitch CV as well as higher amplitude stuff like filter modulation
  • Flexible clock input accepts a wide range of voltages to clock the sequencer from
  • Clock output
  • Pause and Reset switches
  • Pause and Reset inputs (Voltage high = active)
  • Input a variable pulse-width clock and control the gate length by adjusting the pulse-width!

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