There is a basic and a complex build version, both of which are on the same PCB.

3d胆码图It is primarily a DIY project with which PCBs and component kits are available. I will not be offering a complete module for this project.



  • Four very simple quad attack/release envelopes (0V to approximately 1V less than the supply voltage)
  • Four gate inputs, four envelope outs
  • Economical and compact design reduces component count and therefore build cost
  • Made from commonly available components


  • Inverted versions of EG1 and EG3
  • Mixed versions of EG1+2 and EG 3+4
  • Mix selection switches to select between inverted and non-inverted versions of EG3 and EG1 for mixing
  • Mix level controls for EG1 and EG3 levels into the mixed outputs

it is available in pcb format. no kits, sorry!

Panels for this project available for purchase at