it is useful both as a pure noise oscillator as well as a random gate, voltage-controlled clock and even for use as hihats!



  • Expo. response CV input (-V to +V)
  • Linear response CV input (-V to +V) -- great for audio rate FM, as the audio demo shows. It sounds positively gruesome!
  • Clock input (square wave, positive logic)


  • Pitch control (to tune base frequency, just like a VCO)


  • Base frequency noise output (a little smoother sounding than the divisions) [audio coupled]
  • Sub octave /4 output (gritty sounding) [audio coupled]
  • Sub octave /8 output (gritty sounding) [audio coupled]
  • Base frequency DC coupled gate output (for when wanting a random gate when using a slower clock/pitch rate)
  • Internal clock output (there was an extra opamp, so I figured this could be useful)


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