We build our retail modular synthesizer and eurorack products to the highest standards of quality in a specialised modular production facility! All eurorack modules are warranted against manufacturing failure or construction defect for a length of 12 months after the original purchase date.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the contact form in the unfortunate event that something may be amiss with your retail module/s!

Please note! It will help speed things up immensely if you could provide a simple video with sound, photos, module serial number (if applicable) and a good description of the symptoms so I can help you sort out what might or might not be going on!

Finally: even if your module is out of the 12-month warranty period, please send it in so we can do the repairs at an hourly rate or at least give you a hand seeing what's up with it! We'll take care of you! Scroll down to find a form you can fill out to send us a support inquiry from.


From our humble beginnings in 2011, up until 2017, Hexinverter Électronique produced some DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.

Thank you to every person who makes up the awesome synthesizer DIY community, for your loving support over the years! DIY will always have a special place in our hearts, but to continue on developing inventive instruments, we had to let go of commercial DIY ventures.

As such…

We no longer make, sell or support DIY products in any way. The data on this website found from the menu up top (Legacy DIY Projects) is all of the historical information on DIY products that is available.

DIY projects are not covered under any sort of warranty, and we do not repair or take in modules to troubleshoot end-user DIY build faults or second hand DIY products. No exceptions!

You may still find some DIY items for purchase at Modular Addict and other great DIY shops around the web.

Of course, you may find used condition DIY modules built by someone else left over from this era!

For this reason, please, make sure if you are buying used, to confirm with the seller whether the module is factory built or DIY!

In the unfortunate event that you have been sold a second-hand/used module and told it was built by us, but was in fact not, unfortunately you have been victim of an ignorant or dishonest seller. If there are problems with the DIY module, you will have to take this issue up with the seller/builder of the module as we do not have the same facilities for DIY repairs as we do for retail hardware.

How to tell whether a module was built by Hexinverter or is instead DIY? 
DIY Mutant Drums have yellow coloured circuit boards on the back, and probably say "DIY" somewhere on them.
Other DIY modules (Galilean Moons, Jupiter Storm) have large, through hole parts (not surface mount) and may be black or other coloured circuit boards.
Retail modules built by us have very tiny, surface mount parts and black circuit boards. They have markings that say "RoHS" on them. 


Please note! It will help immensely in getting you taken care of if you could provide any or all of the following below with your request!

  • either your module serial number (found on the box or back of module) or date/location of purchase

  • a good description of the symptoms, including: other modules and/or hardware or software being used (especially important for Mutant Brain support tickets!) that are exhibiting the issue.

  • a simple video with sound, demonstrating a potential issue (cell phone camera/audio is fine!)

  • screenshots, photos, or audio recordings (if applicable)

note: videos/photos etc can be added via email as well, once you receive an auto-reply that your request is created!